Hawthorn Architects Maintain the Character of Local Landscapes

richmond01aToday’s architecture encompasses more than the appearance of the outer façade. Hawthorn architects are concerned with the entire planning, designing and construction process. Daniel Ash Architects was founded in 2009 and has assembled an impressive body of work in Hawthorne and throughout international communities.
The firm has a reputation for responsible design that considers the local landscapes where projects will be completed and doesn’t change the existing character. The firm is a leader in environmentally conscious architecture and remains cognizant of the impact each project will have for generations to come. The firm has extensive experience with multiple architectural types and materials.
As a Hawthorn architect, the firm has created, redesigned and renovated residential and multi-residential structures, commercial and multi-use facilities, and in-studio projects. It’s one of an elite group of architectural companies that accommodate equestrian-related needs, including boutique barns and indoor training and show facilities. The firm also provides services for works of art and structures of social and cultural significance.
Intelligent design factors prominently in each of the firm’s projects for construction that’s unique, innovative and aesthetically pleasing. The company is well known for its ability to repurpose unclaimed properties, unused warehouses and office buildings, transfiguring them into financially viable properties for owners that also increase the market value of surrounding area structures.
An array of scientific studies has determined that architecture has the ability to affect mood and mental states. The utilization of natural features is a hallmark of the company’s design, from natural lighting and reflective surfaces to color techniques that elevates and uplifts. The firm offers innovative architectural services for coastal clients with special requirements, historical buildings and structures that present unique challenges.
Hawthorn architects consider a number of variables when creating new structures and renovating existing buildings. The firm utilizes intelligent design combined with modern technology and best environmental practices to design buildings of character that are visually appealing and blend with the character of the neighborhood.
Located at G.03/582 Swan St. in the suburb of Richmond, the firm can be reached by phone at 03 8488 6320. For more information visit Daniel Ash Architects online or on Facebook, Google Plus.

Solar Pool Heating Offers Fun and Therapeutic Opportunities

indexMany home and business owners believe swimming pool heating is a luxury they can’t afford, but with easy to install do-it-yourself solar heating kits, everyone can utilize the free power of the sun. Pool temperatures can be increased by up to 10 degrees and the systems have the ability to extend the swimming season by up to six months.

Discount Pool Shop is a premiere provider of do-it-yourself solar pool heating systems, offering everything needed for the average person to begin harnessing the power of the sun. Solar systems don’t rely on fossil fuels, making them one of the most environmentally friendly heating methods on the market.

Solar pool heating systems take advantage of the direct and radiant heat emitted by the sun. As water from a pool or spa is circulated through the system, it absorbs the heat from solar collectors. The solar collectors can be mounted on the roof of virtually any structure that receives an adequate amount of sun each day.

The systems are high-performance, low-maintenance and can provide up to 20 years of reliable service. Primarily designed for recreational uses, the systems can easily be designed for industrial, commercial and therapeutic applications. A heated pool provides a comfortable aquatic environment for fun, athletic training and recuperation.
For many, a swimming pool is a focal point for entertaining. Solar heated pools provide numerous opportunities to gather with friends and family virtually any time of the year. A solar heated pool also increases property value and can be utilized with in-ground and above-ground pools.

The new Discount Pool Shop website enables consumers to browse and shop by category for complete kits, individual elements, accessories and add-ons. Automatic and manual systems are available to meet the needs of each individual.
The company maintains a line of manual and automatic solar pool heating kits, collectors, controllers and heat pumps. Consumers will find everything needed to keep their pool or spa in top condition that encompasses poles, rakes, brushes, vacuums and hoses. The firm offers special savings on some of its most popular items.
Mauger can be reached by phone at 03 9712 0723. For more information, visit Discount Pool Shop online.

Nifty Services Removes Graffiti in Urban and City Environments


Nifty Services is the graffiti removal Melbourne professionals that combine expert graffiti removal options with methods that are environmentally friendly. The firm works with clients in business, commercial, public and residential venues to remove unsightly artwork and verbiage. The safety of people, pets and property is always a priority.

The firm utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ascertain the medium used to create the graffiti and its composition to determine which method will provide optimal results without damaging surfaces. Graffiti can be removed from an extensive variety of natural and manmade materials ranging from plastic, banners and vehicles to cloth, glass and brick.

Graffiti removal isn’t a task for the novice. While most vandals utilize spray paint, many graffiti creators are expanding their horizons. They’re using a variety of mediums that encompass unusual substances that include edibles, material and even plant-based items. Fur, glue, tape, moss and even masking tape are appearing with increasing frequency as a means of making graffiti.

Nifty Services employs the latest techniques and technology, combined with more than 20 years of experience to restore exteriors to their pristine condition. Testing is conducted before any work begins to ascertain the exact medium for removal and determine the method that will eliminate the graffiti without damaging or discolouring top coatings and without residual show-throughs.

There are some instances when the best financial option is to simply paint over the offending graffiti. Nifty Services offers expert color matching for professional restorations. The firm can assist clients with preventative solutions to avoid any future graffiti from bonding with surfaces to facilitate removal. Flexible hours can be arranged to accommodate most schedules that will prove least disruptive to clients.

Graffiti used to be a practice that only affected large urban areas and was mostly limited to railroad cars and subways. It typically consisted of vulgar sentiments and gang-related messaging. Modern graffiti makers are often talented individuals who choose to create expansive murals and intricate artwork.

Regardless of the quality, it’s graffiti if images appear where they’re not welcome. The firm works with residential, commercial and business clients, along with a variety of governmental agencies, to eliminate unwanted artwork from their premises. Removing graffiti enhances property values and is essential in restoring neighborhood pride.

For more information, call Richard at 0409 864 612.

Small Access Excavators Offer Powerful Solutions


Clients need excavating services for a variety of reasons. They may want to remove a previous planting, demolish outbuildings, dig a reflection pool or haul away rubbish. For those with large grounds and ample access, getting the proper equipment in for the job isn’t a problem. When people have limited egress, they call Marty at Christmas Hills Mini Excavations for mini excavator hire.

CHME has been setting new standards of excellence for customers who need excavation, demolition and debris removal but don’t have the space to accommodate full-sized equipment. The firm has been spreading soil, laying crushed rock, trenching and augering for more than 10 years, using small scale machinery for large-size jobs that require precision and finesse.

Diminutive machinery isn’t short on power. The firm specializes in residential projects with narrow access and works with commercial clients on projects of all types. Compact excavators are powerful pieces of equipment, able to work in tight places yet light enough to cause minimal impact on yards and road surfaces.

The company performs a wide variety of services, from digging holes for security fencing to trenching. The company’s equipment can break up concrete slabs or patios to make way for new projects. An area where small machines excel is for utility digging. When clients need to be careful of utility lines or pipes, a mini excavator creates a smaller hole with less disruption to properties.

One of the most common requests that clients have is for rubbish removal, ranging from plant material to outbuildings that have outlived their usefulness. The firm handles all phases of demolition work, from teardowns to hauling away debris. Tree limbs and old wood piles can be removed, along with furniture, appliances and items that require special disposal methods.

Free, no-obligation quotes are offered to all clients. The firm works closely with customers to help them arrive at a project solution that’s affordable and provides the services they need. The company specializes in limited access jobs, using small equipment to take on large-scale jobs.

The firm can be reached by phone at 0419 354 011. For more information, visit Christmas Hills Mini Excavations online.

Neat Installations of Hydronic Heating Systems


Hydronic heating systems have many advantages and that is why they are the best choice for many homeowners. For starters, unlike the standalone or wall-mount systems that will occupy space after installation, hydronic under floor heating system will never be exposed because the piping will be below the floor surface with heat emitters place on strategic points in the house or swimming pool where they are installed. The hydronic systems that we as Supreme Heating install are safe for use in the domestic environment where kids and pets will crawl and walk to every corner of the house. The heat emitters and water enclosures that we install are temperature controlled and hence they are safe to touch. We are well known for the installation of underfloor heating in Western Australia because our systems are durable, reliable and energy efficient.


Many recognize our high quality service and we are proud to be associated by many to of the range builders and constructors who are members of the Housing Industry Association, which is the biggest Australia residential building organisation.


We can handle any magnitude of solar heating system installation, because we have successfully installed and serviced numerous domestic and commercial heating systems. Under floor heating systems are preferred by many people because they can be applied in many locations by directing the heat to the exact points of importance. That is why they are so effective in heating the rooms, swimming pools and driveways in winter season. There are different types of hydronic systems such as panel radiators, solar hydronic and now the under floor systems. Talk to us and save yourself from the skyrocketing power bills that you cannot avoid because you need to heat your house and use your swimming pool when you need to, without fearing the chilling waters.


We at Supreme Heating have the most reliable materials and our installations last for long free from frequent repairs. Supreme Heating WA staff will however pay your residence a visit after a given duration of use, just to ensure that you are enjoying the benefits of these environmental friendly heating systems.

Concrete Polishing – The Non-Hazardous Flooring Solution


A clean and attractive house is every homeowner’s dream. This is achieved through ensuring that the household is perfectly maintained. One way to get your house perfectly maintained involves having a polished concrete floor. It gets rid of abrasions and smoothens your floor. A real exquisite flooring solution offers less coating and sealing application but guarantees durability. If you are struggling to maintain the appearance of your floor, try concrete polishing and you will be amazed by the improved appearance. Here are some tips on how to go about polishing your concrete floor.


Concrete polishing is a technology that has been used for decades. There have been innovations and you will be amazed at the numerous options that are available. An advanced technology has brought numerous styles, textures and colour. You will be spoilt of choice but luckily, the Concrete Rejuvenating Company comes to your aid. Led by Frank who is the director, the company has been in active operation for many years providing flooring services to many clients. Frank himself has over 20 year of experience and if you wish to have your concrete floor polished, we are the right choice for that job.


Polished concrete has become the only choice for the majority. If you wish your floor to have a new look, then choose this team of interior designers. Polishing and grinding is the perfect way to renew your concrete floor. The processes will leave your floor beautiful and stunning, thanks to the experienced hands of Frank and his team. The best part is that it is very simple to clean, have versatile style, low maintenance and it is design oriented. The service can be customized to fit your budget and the products used are environmental friendly too. We clearly understand the economic trend and hence we are striving to offer long-lasting solutions that unlike the cheap ones that force homeowners to go back to their pockets for repairs and regular maintenance. We have the solution for you and it is the polished concrete.


For more information, please contact the team at Concrete Rejuvenating Company.

Precise Concrete Cutting Requires Quality Saws


MK Diamond Australia is one of the leading worldwide providers of precise concrete cutting saws, providing professionals with walk-behind and self-propelled models. Multiple options ensure that those in the industry have the quality saws needed to produce professional results.


Powered by petrol, air pressure, pneumatic pressure and electric, it’s essential that the size and abilities of the machine matches the application and demands of the job. Electric powered saws are typically used for smaller projects and are less noisy than their bigger cousins. They may take longer to accomplish their task, but are often the preferred option when working in enclosed environments.


Hydraulic-powered concrete saws are generally the most powerful and used for large projects that require extensive cutting. A pneumatic pressure saw cuts using the power of compressed air. They’re convenient options for worksites where air pressure is readily available. They provide portability and are ideal for professionals with extensive cutting requirements.


Gas-powered concrete cutting saws are perhaps the most well-known, the type of machine with which most operators are familiar, and appropriate for open air jobs. Those in the concrete cutting business must consider the weight of the machine, which will affect its performance, along with other variables to ensure they have the right tool for the job.


MK Diamond concrete cutting saws are durable and each has its own set of parameters that should be weighed. Some concrete cutting saws work better in specific conditions and environments than others. Where dust control is a concern, contractors will want a machine that can perform wet cutting tasks and carries its own water supply.


A lighter saw offers greater maneuverability, produces a shallower cut and is appropriate for more delicate cutting projects and scoring jobs. A larger, heavier saw cuts faster, makes a deeper cut, and is ideal for large endeavors that require sustained operation. Maintenance costs also vary among the different machines. A variable speed transmission may be an essential requirement, depending upon the job requirements.


MK Diamond Australia is one of the premiere providers of quality concrete cutting saws in the world, with machine choices to accommodate a wide range of cutting environments and requirements. From walk-behind to self-propelled units, the company provides contractors with the precise durable, quality concrete cutting equipment demanded by professionals.

Edible Gardens | Their Benefits and How To Start Them


Edible gardens in Melbourne used to only be a thing of the past. Rapid growth all over Australia has made gardening a rather time consuming hobby especially since produce has become so readily available to us. Yet the edible gardens are making a comeback of late as people are becoming more and more conscious about the food they put into their bodies and feed to their families. With rising prices and the fear of ingesting pesticide laden produce Australia is starting to look into growing its own produce once again.


4 Reasons to Grow Your Own Produce


  1. Makes Good Health More Accessible to You and Your Own Family

Nothing beats having fresh produce in your own backyard. Having them that fresh actually changes their nutritional value significantly. Having those fresh means you can pick them at their nutritional peak because you don’t have to pick them prematurely to be able to transport them. A study also shows that children who grow up eating fresh produce are more likely to eat and enjoy them through adulthood. Mostly because fresh produce tastes so much better!

  1. Getting Exercise

Ever wonder how our Grammies used to be so fit? They kept moving that’s why, to tend to their gardens specifically. Weeding, planting, and landscaping these are all back breaking hard work. If you don’t believe me, then why do all the gardeners I ever see on TV have six-packs?

  1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Growing your food organically means that you are saving the earth from needless pollution brought about by pesticides. It also means that the produce you consume did not have to use up fuel to be transported to your home and eventually to your plates.

  1. Saves You Money

Have you ever had to go back to the groceries because you realized the vegetables in your crisper have all wilted? Do you remember how much gas that consumed? With the rising prices of gas having your own “supermarket” right in your backyard means that your trips to the grocers will be minimized. The money you save from buying fruits and vegetables that you are now growing in you edible garden can also be appropriated for your family’s other needs.


Are the advantages of edible gardens getting you excited? Well head on out to Botanic Horticulture to get all the tools, all the information, all the help you need to build your edible garden from start to finish. Botanic Horticulture encourages close collaboration with their clients. Through this they will be able to guide you on what plants to include in your garden depending on you and your family’s needs. They will also help you design and conceptualize your garden as well as construct and maintain it.


Whether it’s an herb garden that you want, a couple of vegetable beds or a small hobby orchard you can be sure that you will have fresh produce all year round thanks to Botanic Horticulture. Check them out at http://botanichorticulture.com.au/.

Choosing Paving Stones | Choosing Anston


Pavers in Melbourne are brick like pieces of concrete that are usually used as outdoor flooring. They are made by mixing concrete with some sort of colorant and then they are poured into molds and are allowed to set.


Pavers are a pretty great way of elevating outdoor areas. So it’s no wonder that more and more commercial and residential spaces are being outfitted with them. Paving stones, as they are sometimes called, can be manufactured in different shapes, colors and textures and have the advantage of being removed and re-installed without much fanfare and hassle.


Versatile outdoor flooring such as pavers can be used in a variety of ways. They are especially more common in Europe where streets can be completely lined with them like they are in Germany. While we might not be ready to line our streets with pavers here in Australia you have to admit that pavers would look quite good on walkways, driveways and even on the pool decks in our homes. Below are some other ways in which to use pavers:

  • Around fountains
  • As a walkway through a city park
  • On playgrounds
  • On project entrances
  • Even on entrance ways to corporate offices


The pricing for pavers here in Australia depends largely on the kind of work needed to install the pavers. You might like to do it yourself but if you want to hire the expertise of a contractor the pavers and the installation may come as a package. The cost of the job may be affected by the size of the project, how elaborate the installation is and how labor intensive preparing the project will be.


In Australia, one name is synonymous with good quality pavers and that is Anston Paving Stones. With materials sourced and made in Australia, they can assure you exceptional quality, versatility, durability and style


You might be asking yourself, “Why choose Anston?” The answer is, why not? Decades in the business can guarantee you the quality of pavers that your homes and projects deserve. With a high slip resistance rating and the ability to stay up to 20°C cooler than the competition you can be confident that Anston Paving Stones are the safest option for you and your family. Anston Paving Stones have been in business for about 20 years now. If that is not a testament to the durability and resilience of their products, I don’t know what is. Another thing that sets Anston apart is their customer service. Make your paver installation experience a more pleasant one by working with a company whose sole objective is to make you happy and satisfied.


For more information about Anston Paving Stones look them up online and see all that they have to offer.